Review my software please

As always we will start defining what is software review and why is important. Software review is a systematic examination of a project made by one or more individuals to find, detect and make sure the platform or project is working as it should. Constantly reviewing the project in different areas give us the following advantages:

  • It improves the productivity of the development team.
  • Fewer defects are found in the final software, which helps reduce the cost of the whole process.
  • The reviews provided at this stage are found to be cost effective
  • As a matter of fact, this process results in dramatic reduction of time taken in producing a technically sound document.

Types of software review

Software Peer Review: Peer review is the process of evaluating the technical content and quality of the product and it is usually conducted by the author of the work product, along with some other developers.

Software Management Review: These reviews take place in the later stages by the management representatives. The objective of this type of review is to evaluate the work status.

Software Audit Reviews: Is a type of external review, where one or more auditors, who are not a part of the development team conduct an independent examination.

Characteristics of a good peer review

Time: Good reviews are made on time and respecting the deadlines, this way the author have the opportunity to make the right changes and choices.

Intention: Make reviews with a willing attitude sometimes more work and time is needed and can get difficult thats why maintaining a positive attitude and doing it with a good intention is important.

Guidelines and Scope: Before starting to review a project, reading the guidelines is important this way we can now the functionalities and aims of the project, this way we can really test and review the true functionalities and meaning of the project, making important and valuable reviews.

Be Constructive: Be bold and constructive, threat everyone as equals and make reviews that will help the project improve not just judging and pointing the bad aspects of it.

Say No: Sometimes its better to deny an offer to review a project, if you feel you are not the right person for the job, this way we can leave the path open for a better person who will make the project better.

Process of Software Review:

  1. Entry Evaluation
  2. Management Preparation
  3. Review Planning
  4. Preparation
  5. Examination and Exit Evaluation

Roles in software review

  • The moderator
  • Also known as review leader
  • Performs entry check
  • The author
  • The responsable of making the project
  • The scribe:
  • He is the one writing the logs of the review and tests made.
  • The reviewers:
  • Also known as checkers or inspectors
  • Check any material for defects and error
  • The managers:
  • Makes the decisions and manages the time, schedules and priority of the tests that will be made.

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